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Love for the outdoors

Outdoor adventure has been a big part of the Probst family for many years.  In the late 1980’s, Glen W. Probst began to develop portable and collapsible wood burning stove to take with him on his adventures in the outdoors.  Glen was an avid backpacker and fisherman who, with his sons in tow, combed the Uinta Mountains of Utah in search of wild trout.  Using his experience and expertise in the outdoors, he developed a stove that met the demands of his adventures.  You see, Glen not only liked to catch fish, but he loved to cook them and eat them right on the water’s edge.

from patent to distribution

In 1990, Glen Probst obtained a US patent for his stove design and called it the Woodflame Stove.  He and his son, Brad Probst, debuted the stove at the 1990 Outdoor Retailer Show in Reno, Nevada.  The Woodflame Stove was the first of its kind – a small backpacking stove that was both wood burning and collapsible for portability.  Years later, the Woodflame Stove was modified by another one of Glen’s sons, Ben Probst, and an additional leading brand of a wood burning folding stove was developed.

Legacy of Innovation

Glen Probst passed away in 2018 but one of Glen’s original ideas for the Woodflame stove was to make a slightly larger wood burning stove suitable for cooking dinner for a family or for use as a campfire.  In 2021, Glen’s sons, Ben Probst (a contractor) and Brad Probst (a retired game warden), came together to develop the Ibex Stove’s Summit. It is an innovative stove of many uses.  It is large enough to cook a meal for the whole family and can also be used as a campfire.  It folds flat and is easily transported.  The Summit is the perfect natural fuel stove for camping, picnicking, overlanding, the beach, and the backyard.  It’s unique patent pending design makes it easy to store, transport, and set up.  Whether you are cooking on it or using it as a campfire, the Summit will deliver heat, light, warmth, and good memories.

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